If you’re under investigation or have been recently charged with a crime, you shouldn’t have to fight the legal system by yourself. Your top option in this scenario is to speak with a defense attorney, as their knowledge will be vital when the time to protect your freedom and your rights come. Going into court unprepared is never a good idea. 

Being aware of the best way to proceed during stressful times is tough, and you may have worries about your consultation. This is a normal reaction, especially if you’ve never been in a similar situation before. Understanding what happens during a consultation with a defense attorney can help you prepare for your consult.

Sharing Your Version of Events

After you’ve scheduled your case evaluation, you’ll discuss your case at the law firm’s office with a qualified attorney. You’ll explain your version of the facts, including all details that can help them create an effective defense. It’s recommended to write down important information about your charges, as forgetting details could prove detrimental to your future trial

Coming prepared with written notes will also allow you to properly answer a lawyer’s questions. Whether you’re innocent or guilty at this point doesn’t matter as you establish the information of the case. A law firm’s objective is not to judge, but to help you determine your best options for a defense. 

Examining Documentation

A defense attorney will then examine the documentation relevant to your case. Remember to gather all papers that can be considered evidence for your case, especially if they’ve been given to you by court officials or police officers. If you already have a date for your first court appearance, let your lawyer know. 

This documentation will be used to conduct an initial investigation and understand the dynamics of your criminal case beyond what you’ve told after arriving at the office. A criminal defense lawyer can also use them to talk about your case’s outcome and what you should expect after your trial is complete. You may also receive instructions on how to avoid additional charges

Discussing Your Fees

Following your case’s examination, you’ll choose if you want them to represent you. If you decide to move forward and obtain legal representation, a discussion about costs will be necessary, as it’s better to establish how a lawyer’s fees are going to be covered before proceeding. 

Remember to always choose an option that suits your budget. Your lawyer can give you a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with your case before you ever choose to proceed. 

Build a Strong Defense with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Every case is different and there are many ways to proceed when it comes to criminal charges. Criminal defense lawyers are professionals that can help you make an informed choice during stressful times. 

At Hoeller McLaughlin PLLC, we make sure that all clients leave our office without doubts. Our consultations provide you with the confidence you need to face your trial while making the dismissal of your charges our main objective. If you’d like to know more, you can call 817-334-7900 or fill out the online contact form.