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Criminal Defense & DWI Defense | Great Results | Fort Worth & Colleyville Texas

When choosing the right Colleyville or Fort Worth criminal defense attorney or DWI Lawyer, you want to hire a firm that continually strives for excellence in their client representation. Here is some great results on recent cases we have handled. It is important to remember that each case has it’s own unique set of facts that can alter the outcome of the case. We cannot guarantee a particular outcome or promise a particular result.

DWI-Repetition Dismissed

Client arrested and charged with second DWI in Tarrant County, Texas (0.25 blood test). Case was DISMISSED (Case was filed past the Statute of Limitations).

Burglary of Habitation Dropped

Client was investigated for Burglary of Habitation in Tarrant County, Texas. After negotiation with the Detective, the case was dropped (no arrest or charge).

Felony Drug Charge No Billed

Client charged with felony (meth) & misdemeanor (marijuana) drug possession. Result = Felony was NO BILLED | Misdemeanor was DISMISSED (insufficient links).

Terroristic Threat Dismissed

Client arrested & charged with terroristic threat after threatening a neighbor after a dispute. Case resulted in a dismissal.

DWI-Repetition Reduced to Obstruction

Client charged with a 2nd DWI in Tarrant County (breath test refusal). Result = case reduced to a non-DWI offense (obstruction). Clients avoids a 2nd DWI conviction & mandatory jail time.

Felony Theft Dismissed

Client charged with felony Theft 1500-20,000 over contract in Tarrant County. Result after settlement = criminal charge was dismissed.

Felony Probation Reinstated

Client was on probation in Tarrant County for 5 felony offenses. They filed a Motion to Adjudicate/Revoke. After presenting evidence, our client was reinstated.

Sex Assault No Billed By Grand Jury

Client charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child-Continuous and was facing 25 years to Life with no early parole. Client maintained his innocence & a DNA result exonerated him of the crime. Within days of the DNA test, a Tarrant County Grand Jury No Billed his case.

Felony Assault Family Violence - No Billed

Client was on charged with Assault Bodily Injury on a Family Member – Impeding Breath. After putting together and presenting a Grand Jury packet, the case was No Billed.

Assault Family Member Dismissed

Client charged with Assault Bodily Injury on a Family Member (Class A Misdemeanor). After presenting a witness statement and with additional investigation, the State agreed to dismiss our client’s case if they completed several conditions. Those conditions were met and the case was DISMISSED (Eligible for Expunction).

Recent Success

Every case is different, but our goal remains the same – work hard to achieve the best results we can in criminal defense and DWI defense in Colleyville and Fort Worth, Tarrant County, TX. We feel passionately that ever year, every month, and every day matters when it comes to getting great results for our client. And although we can never guarantee a particular outcome, our results speak for themselves and they are a product of our hard work for our clients.

In the past year, our Colleyville and Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys and DWI lawyers have gotten great results on criminal & DWI charges, including dismissals and reductions on misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses, No Bills on felony cases after a defense presentation, and deferred probation on serious offenses.

2022-2023 Success & Great Results on Criminal & DWI Cases

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)(Class B Misdemeanor) & UCW - Reduced & Dismissed

Client was charged with Driving While Intoxicated Open Container, a class B misdemeanor, and Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon (UCW). The DWI was reduced to an Obstruction based on issues with the Breath Test Instrument and the UCW was dismissed.

Sexual Assault (Second Degree Felony) - No Billed

Client was charged with adult sexual assault. Our lawyers provided evidence to the prosecutor and the Grand Jury No Billed the case (Dropped). Will be eligible for an expunction.

Fraud/Use (State Jail Felony) - Dismissed

Client was charged with Fraud/Use, a State Jail Felony. Our team filed a Motion to Suppress, which was GRANTED by the Judge and the State was forced to DISMISS. Will be eligible for an expunction.



Client was charged with Driving While Intoxicated, a class B misdemeanor. We filed a Motion to Suppress due to the legality of the evidence, and the State dismissed the case.  Will be eligible for an expunction.


Client was charged with assault on a family member, A class A misdemeanor with a family violence notice. Our team presented evidence to the prosecutor, and a deal was worked out for the case to be dismissed.  Will be eligible for an expunction.

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