criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth When a person is arrested, a criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth can explain how important it is to secure bail and be released from jail.

Why It Is Important to be Released from Jail

Soon after you have been arrested, it’s vital that your criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth help you to be released from custody. Being released is important as it not only gives you back your liberty, but it can help your attorney to end the case successfully with a positive result for you. Being in jail can be a negative toward receiving a plea bargain, specifically if the deal that is offered is close to the amount of time you’ve already spent incarcerated.

Consultation with the Attorney While in Jail Can Be Difficult

Being in jail can harm the case for the following reasons:

  • The criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth will have to spend significant time going back and forth to jail and waiting for you to be brought in to discuss the case;
  • There may be an absence of privacy in jail as the conference tables might be close to one another so other inmates and their attorneys might hear what you’re discussing;
  • It can be difficult to watch video tapes and listen to audio tapes;
  • You might not be able to call your lawyer when you have to due to jail rules; and
  • It’s possible that an informant might overhear what you and your lawyer have discussed and try to use it to benefit his own situation.

Speak to an Attorney about Securing Bail

When you are arrested, a criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth can help with understanding the importance of bail and going about getting you released. Call Bryan Hoeller at 877-208-3382 for assistance.