Fighting a criminal charge is very difficult from the confines of a jail cell. For this reason it is important that you and your Fort Worth criminal defense law firm do everything possible to help you obtain bail.

Why Bail Is So Important

One of the first acts of your Fort Worth criminal defense law firm will likely be to work on getting you out of jail. Being incarcerated during your case is bound to hinder you in a number of ways. Among these are:

  • Your attorney will need to travel to the jailhouse to see you. This, in itself, can eat up considerable time, not to mention checking in and waiting for you to be brought from your cell. Moreover, there isn’t usually a great place where jailed inmates can meet in real privacy.
  • There will be documents you need to review with your attorney, which can be very difficult in jails like the Tarrant County Jail, where there is usually a glass wall between the attorney and you.
  • Inmates are usually restricted to using phones only during certain hours. This means that you will not be able to contact your attorney whenever it is necessary.
  • Jails are filled with inmates willing to inform on others in order to receive reductions in their sentences and other favors. Anything you say to other inmates, therefore, can come back to haunt you later.
  • Sometimes taking a plea deal is a person’s best option. The longer you sit in jail, the more time that will be counted as time served. While this may seem to your advantage, it can work against you in a plea deal because it takes away leverage you otherwise would have.

What to Do to Obtain Bail

If you have resources, these often can be used to help you obtain bail. Working with a strong and experienced Fort Worth criminal defense law firm may also be helpful toward your chances of getting bail. Call the Law Office of Bryan P. Hoeller, PLLC to arrange an initial meeting today.

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