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December 18, 2014

Fort Worth criminal defense law firmA pretrial diversion program gives first-time offenders who have been charged with a non-violent offense an opportunity to get their cases dismissed if they fulfill certain conditions set by the court. This program enables the judicial system to reserve more of its time and resources for the high volume of serious criminal cases it needs to handle. If you were charged with committing a criminal offense, a Fort Worth TX criminal defense law firm can evaluate your case and determine if you participating in the pretrial diversion program is the best option for you.

Conditions of a Pretrial Diversion Program

The conditions imposed within the pretrial diversion program differs for each individual. Standard conditions include payment of fines, community service, and attendance at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program. You may also need to undergo random drug testing or psychological evaluations. If the terms of the program are successfully completed, the charges get dismissed and the offense may get expunged from your record. If you don’t comply with the program’s requirements, prosecution of the case will proceed.

Benefits of Participating in a Pretrial Diversion Program

The pretrial diversion program offers several benefits for the defendant. Usually, it takes less time and money to resolve the case through the pretrial diversion program than continuing with formal court proceedings. Being required to receive rehabilitative services or psychological treatment could prevent the occurrence of future criminal behavior. You are also given another chance to live your life without the burden of having a criminal record. Getting a conviction may negatively affect your life in numerous ways such as having difficulty with finding employment or obtaining housing.

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