Fort Worth DWI Defense Attorney | Field Sobriety TestsAfter an arrest, you might not have had the opportunity to call your family and update them on your welfare or status. A relative might have called an attorney to intervene in your case. Although the process varies, depending on the jurisdiction, you will probably be transferred from the police station to the jail and central booking. You will then make your first court appearance. This process can change at night or on the weekends, depending on staffing and procedures in place at the precinct.

Locating Clients After an Arrest

If you or your family has already retained the services of our criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth, he or she will work to find out your specific jail and custody information. If this information is not immediately available, he or she will do some investigating and follow the custody trail backwards until you are located. Once your lawyer locates you, he or she will inquire about bail and visitation information. Your attorney will also find out further details regarding your court time and location.

Identifying an Illegal Arrest

Law enforcement personnel need to have a valid reason, usually called probable cause, to arrest you legally. This means that they have reasonable belief of illegal conduct on your part. If the authorities lack probable cause at the time of the arrest, they might locate this information prior to your initial appearance. However, if they cannot provide probable cause, you will be released, and the arrest will be determined to be illegal. Any evidence obtained during the arrest and anything you said after the illegal arrest will be dismissed from the case and cannot be used against you. Our criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth can provide you with additional information on how an illegal arrest will affect your case.

Law enforcement personnel are held to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Unfortunately, they do not all comply with the required expectations. A person might be illegally arrested, which causes serious damage to a criminal case. If you think you might have been subject to an unjust arrest, call our criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth. You can reach Bryan Hoeller at 877-208-3382.