A DUI on your record can haunt you forever, negatively affecting your job prospects, academic admissions, and insurance rates. Like a stain that won’t wash out, it can lead to shame, frustration, and helplessness. 

At Hoeller McLaughlin PLLC, we sympathize with your struggle. For years, we’ve supported young individuals facing DUI charges. Our knowledge, experience, and compassion will ease your burdens and advocate for your best outcome. Here’s why you’ll want to avoid a DUI and how we can help you do so. 

What Is a DUI? 

Though the terms DUI and DWI are often used interchangeably, they’re viewed differently under Texas law. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges occur when an individual over 21 is pulled over and is found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.08 percent. 

In contrast, driving under the Influence (DUI) charges occur when a person younger than 21 gets pulled over and is found to have a BAC above 0. Texas has a strict zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking. Any BAC over zero automatically results in a DUI, even if that number is below 0.08 percent. 

Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Penalties for DUIs in Texas include mandatory alcohol awareness classes, community service hours, a 60-day license suspension, and a fine of up to $500. The penalties multiply in magnitude for individuals older than 17 with a BAC higher than 0.08. It can include up to 180 days in jail. 

Individuals found guilty face other consequences too, including struggles with job applications, college admissions, and insurance rates. 

Job Prospects 

In Texas, background checks used by employers include up to seven years of your criminal history, including DUIs. Employers have the right to reject candidates based on background checks. 

They may be more likely to turn you away with a DUI on your record for jobs involving children, driving duties, or government roles. For some, that can completely stall your career if you don’t fight back

Academic Admissions 

University admissions often include a background check. A one-time DUI offense may not deny you the chance of admission, especially if the charge is older and you show how you grew from the event. Even so, it can impact your application and may impact certain programs or financial aid you need. 

A more serious DUI like a felony DUI raises a more significant red flag. It can be grounds for denying your admission, no matter your skill-set or academic aptitude. Depending on your university’s policy and guidelines, any DUI harms your chances for admission.

Insurance Rates

The younger you are, the more a DUI will skyrocket your insurance rates. For 16-year-olds, a DUI can trigger massive increases in insurance premiums—that can mean hundreds of dollars more per month. 

These staggering costs add up fast, and with potentially fewer job opportunities, they can feel impossible to afford. 

We’re Here to Help

One unfortunate mistake in your youth can cost you long after you’ve learned your lesson. Our lawyers are here to help. Whether you’re currently facing DUI charges or you’re seeking to rid your record of a past DUI, reach out to the lawyers at Hoeller McLaughlin PLLC today. 

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