Before your trial, your DWI attorney in Fort Worth will explain various aspects of the case with you. He or she will likely describe the following information:

Elements of the Crime

The elements of the crime are the things that the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a conviction. If even one of the elements is missing, you should not be convicted and the result would be a not guilty.

Legal Process

Your DWI attorney in Fort Worth will likely explain the process that lies ahead of you. This includes discussing arraignments, the filing of certain motions, the timeline for the case and the trial.

Potential Consequences

Your DWI criminal defense lawyer will also discuss the penalties that can result from a conviction, plea negotiation or alternative sentencing. This includes conversations about jail time, fines, restitution, alcohol treatment programs, probation and community service. Regarding imprisonment, your lawyer can point out the maximum and minimum time for the offense.

He or she may point out the consequences of receiving a subsequent conviction on the same charge. Your driver’s license may also be suspended or revoked. If your case involved an accident and injury to another person, your lawyer may point out if you might be found civilly responsible and required to pay damages if the victim wins his or her civil case. Additionally, your lawyer can point out how a criminal conviction can affect a civil lawsuit relying on some of the same circumstances.

Legal Arrangement

During your initial consultation, you should learn about how your relationship with your lawyer will work. This includes the amount of any retainer that you must place, how legal costs will be paid and when payments must be made to your lawyer. Legal Help If you would like more information about DWI charges, contact a DWI lawyer in Fort Worth from the Law Office of Bryan P. Hoeller, PLLC.

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