criminal defense attorney in Fort WorthIf you have been freed on bail or bond after an arrest, the courts might have put certain release conditions on your freedom, such as the consent to search your home or your physical person without a warrant. Our criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth understands that this level of invasion is more serious than a random drug test. A drug test only proves that you were taking drugs but does not indicate other criminal activity. However, a search could reveal illegal items such as weapons or pornography, or it could provide the authorities with evidence that you are involved in other crimes. In addition, the search could upset your family, and the neighbors will know about it. Your attorney might defend your right to consent to searches as a condition of release.

Psychiatric Testing

In some locales, the courts will order you to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to show that you are not a threat to yourself or others. This condition usually only applies to those who are charged with specific crimes such as homicide, sex crimes, kidnapping, arson or crimes against children. The courts might not approve your release until you have completed the psychiatric evaluation. These requirements might be imposed by law, and your Fort Worth TX criminal defense lawyer cannot fight them. Other release conditions could also include substance abuse monitoring or counseling.

Help From a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Worth

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