If a family member or friend is currently in Arlington Jail or Tarrant County Jail, then we can help. We can help with getting a bond set, reducing a current bond, or criminal defense representation.  We offer an experience Arlington criminal defense attorney and former Tarrant County prosecutor to get working on your case.

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Here are some important and helpful links on the Arlington and Tarrant County Jail.  Most inmates arrested in Arlington, Texas will either bond out from Arlington Jail or get transferred to one of the Tarrant County Jail facilities located in Fort Worth, Texas (main downtown jail, Lon Evans, Cold Springs, or Greenbay Jail facility).  The jail links will allow you to see if a friend or loved one has been booked into Arlington Jail and will also list the amount of their bond, if they have gone before a magistrate.  The Tarrant County Jail link provides helpful information if they have been transferred to Fort Worth, Tarrant County.  They have information on:

  • Inmate Searches
  • Bond Information
  • Information on how to communicate with inmates in the Arlington jail and Tarrant County jail (visitation, letters to loved ones, how to receive phone calls, etc.)

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